Bumble Confirms Ad Featuring Serena Williams Will Air Through SuperBowl

Posted On June 23, 2023

Bumble verified that a advertisement featuring their most recent star lover Serena Williams will debut throughout very first half the SuperBowl.

Per AdWeek, Bumble mocked a fresh strategy making use of playing tennis celebrity, admitting which would coordinate because of the SuperBowl, though it wasn’t obvious should they happened to be about to air an ad during the video game, the most-watched annual events when you look at the U.S. (plus one quite pricey advertising buys). Bumble has verified their particular first SuperBowl advertising will feature Serena Williams and their new campaign “The Ball is during the woman Court.”

Bumble, a fecouple seeks male-friendly matchmaking software, is actually dedicated to their female-empowerment goal. Within the last number of years, the brand has actually debuted choices that attract particularly to females, such as for example partnering with Moxy resorts available BumbleSpot – verified locations where Bumble consumers can fulfill for dates, profession marketing, or possible brand-new relationships – in an attempt to develop secure rooms for women.

The ad with Williams will feature her surge to celeb, “not only as a professional football celebrity but as operator, part product, partner and mother,” based on AdWeek. The spot was made by a mostly feminine group and guided by A.V. Rockwell, an award-winning screenwriter and manager whose work discusses issues on battle and oppression.

The message of this offer would be to promote females to control their particular tales, anything Bumble happens to be excited about from introduction of its dating software, offering ladies the energy to help make the basic action.

In a teaser movie the SuperBowl advertisement, which will air February 3rd, Bumble supplied a look of what to expect.

“We’re residing in a global and culture where everyone is beginning to see in a different way and starting to understand that the audience is in the same way strong and simply as smart and merely as experienced and just because businesslike as all other male these days,” Williams states at the digital camera, which in turn pans to the girl helping a baseball in an empty courtroom. “and today you have to arrive and tell the tale how it must be told.”

AdWeek noticed that the female-forward Bumble advertising promotion is actually rare for a SuperBowl, which will be these types of a male-dominated room, and more unlikely that a mainly feminine group would generate these a SuperBowl advertisement.

“There are a lot ladies who tend to be prepared and enthusiastic [to be involved in Super Bowl], and every girl included [in Bumble’s area] had much love,” Bumble primary brand officer Alexandra Williamson informed AdWeek.

She proceeded to say: “individuals will see another type of side to Serena once this advertising goes live, and that I would feature that to an all-female team taking care of it.”

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