Harvard Business Pod-casts Make You Think

Posted On January 17, 2024

Harvard organization podcasts are smart, timely, and built to make you think. Whether you are looking for insights by HBR editors or help from leading experts, these kinds of podcasts should help you become a better check here head at work and in life.

Dozens of podcasts — from the most current episode of HBR IdeaCast to HBR Women for Job and other than — will be part of the new network. The curated lineup builds to the success of original HBR podcasts like Special HBR:, HBR On Management, and Cold Call.

In this episode of HBR IdeaCast, Rachel Carson’s storyline inspires us to consider the many ways in which caring for other folks reflects command. Historian Nancy Koehn joins IdeaCast host Adi Ignatius to learn her case study on Carson and her balancing of her trailblazing environmental use caretaking duties.

When your provider is facing layoffs, you could have a choice: you can test to hide the pain and allow your people down or you can take steps to build trust and get back momentum. This week on HBR On Leadership, professor Sandra Sucher shares her research in the hidden costs of layoffs, and how commanders can get around thorny situations with empathy and wisdom.

HBR Reveals is a podcast network curated by HBR editors having partner-created episodes covering a wide range of topics from iconic HBR case research to current occasions that to use the crossroads of business and culture. Each event will offer deep dives in to the academic theory without sacrificing practical takeaways you can use.

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