What is Career Guidance and Support?

Posted On June 6, 2024

A career guidance system can help people who are facing a variety of issues that affect their career. These include helping individuals choose different career paths, identify the best education qualifications and the required training for specific jobs, and assisting those who are looking to change careers or jobs. This includes help with job search, and advice on how to build abilities for workers who are currently in a particular career.

The process of career guidance begins with identifying the needs of each individual. This may involve an assessment of the strengths and talents that an individual is able to demonstrate as well as assessing their preferences and personality. It helps people understand their career options and then compare them to their capabilities, preferences and aspirations.

People who seek career advice and assistance are often motivated to change their ways or advance their career. This may be because they are bored of their current job, or it could be that they feel they have the required qualifications, but haven’t been able to secure employment.

A career counselor can assist those who are considering changing jobs by identifying their transferable abilities, and analyzing various job descriptions to determine the best job for them. They can help with preparation for interviews and also training, including mock tests and ‘work simulations’ to allow candidates to explore different career options before they make a decision.


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